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A diverse portfolio of renowned brands is united under the NovaTaste umbrella. Innovative and high-quality, they offer solutions for every customer need, based on years of experience and serving regional markets and international requirements.


Founded in Austria in 1947, WIBERG is renowned for its technological expertise in the production of meat, sausage and convenience products worldwide.

WIBERG also provides a comprehensive food service range, with tailored products for professional chefs.

These products offer outstanding quality with a focus on the joy of taste. In addition, the World of WIBERG line offers a creative range of products for the retail market.

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Gewürzmüller was established in 1896 and embodies traditional German craftsmanship, with products that have delighted customers for generations.

The brand supplies traditional butcher’s shop classics along with functional ingredients, starter cultures, spices and seasonings, and ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat com­ponents.

Gewürzmüller successfully combines local market knowhow with over 100 years of industry expertise to offer cus­tomised, value-added solutions for producers of meat, fish, and convenience foods as well as gastronomy products. Satisfied customers include global, local and artisanal producers.

Gewürzmühle Nesse

Established around Germany's North Sea ports in 1880, Gewürzmühle Nesse specialises in taste-enhancing and functional components for fish products.

The brand also supplies high-quality organic products that combine the best quality with the strictest controls.


Mühlehof-Gewürze is a traditional Swiss brand founded in 1979. With its very own spice mill, the brand creates high-grade intensive seasoning powders and authentic spice mixtures.

From its location in Switzerland, it caters to the local market, providing individual product solutions in various quantities. As well as spices, Mühlehof-Gewürze specialises in meat processing technologies for cured and dried meat products, as well as marinades.

All products are available in organic, glutamate-free, phosphate-free and allergen-free versions.


AMCO, founded in Poland in 1998, is a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of spice blends, marinades and functional additives for the food industry, focusing on the meat, fish and convenience food sectors.

AMCO’s technologists partner with industry leaders and local butchers to develop and customise exceptional products tailored to customer needs. The result is highly prized flavour compositions and technological solutions.

With its modern plant, AMCO supports customer growth by solving technical problems and ensuring consistently high-quality products. AMCO is also a proud distributor of WIBERG products to the Polish market.


Established in 1992, the Redbrook Group is renowned as an innovative and technically oriented partner for ingredient solutions in the UK and Ireland. The Group has particular expertise in the creation of high-quality, bespoke ingredient blends.

Dandy Lions, a Redbrook subsidiary, specialises in a range of honey, maple syrup and sugar syrups for both savoury and sweet applications.

A further subsidiary, Unique Ingredients, focuses on smoke and grill solutions, offering clean-smoke, smoked ingredients and roast, grill and browning options. The Redbrook Group caters to customers ranging from local craft butchers to large-scale food processors.


BSA WIBERG (Canada) creates personalised savoury blends for industrial and artisanal processors, butchers and food service providers.

Founded in the late 1980s, the brand operates facilities in Montréal, Oakville and Vancouver in Canada. The company’s savoury solutions can be applied to animal proteins, plant-based foods, prepared meals, snacks, dairy, bakery, dressings, sauces and soups.

BSA WIBERG has a highly experienced technical team that works closely with customers to identify needs and spot trends. They also provide food protection agents, meat cultures and meat processing equipment.

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Since 1996, Piasa has been at the forefront of the food taste and technology industry, pioneering new standards for innovation in the Mexican food market.

Piasa’s cutting-edge dry and liquid blend technologies deliver exceptional taste, functionality and shelf-life extension solutions for the meat, snacks, dairy and plant protein markets.

With a portfolio that includes high-quality seasonings, chili powders, sauces, dressings, breadings, marinades, texturized plant proteins and over 27 years of experience in the industrial and foodservice market, Piasa takes pride in serving global and local brands alike, offering cutting-edge food solutions for customers’ unique market and process requirements.

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Since 1989, THE MIGHTY has been an innovative company in Bangkok, Thailand offering high-quality food ingredients and customised solutions to domestic and export markets.

THE MIGHTY’s product ranges include reaction flavours, flavour precursors, savoury condiments, culinary oils, cheese and dairy, and specialty blends.

The company applies its advanced R&D, quality systems and technical skills to food applications including snacks, noodles, processed meat and seafood, and sauces.

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