May 31 2023

NovaTaste launches with vision to revolutionise the way the world experiences food

NovaTaste, a global leader in taste innovation, today announces its vision – to revolutionise the way that the world experiences food, creating unforgettable taste sensations that enrich people’s lives with unparalleled joy and delight.

This announcement and rebranding follow the completion of the sale of NovaTaste, formerly Savory Solutions Group, to PAI Partners, a pre-eminent private equity firm.

With its diverse portfolio of renowned brands, including WIBERG and Piasa, NovaTaste provides comprehensive taste solutions that enhance the quality of its customers’ products, across the full spectrum of flavours, tastes, smells, textures and culinary application. This includes a wide range of ingredients and solutions for meat, fish, dairy, bakery, snacks, convenience and plant-based foods.

By harnessing its global expertise, sustainable practices and innovative approach in taste, NovaTaste is setting the standards for the future of nutrition around the globe, designing, manufacturing and optimising solutions that enable its customers to retain market leadership.

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About NovaTaste NovaTaste is a global leader in taste innovation, providing a range of value-add savoury ingredients and blends to improve taste, texture as well as extend the shelf life of food products. It operates most notably under the Wiberg and Piasa brands. The company employs over 1,800 employees across six business units worldwide, who are united by NovaTaste’s purpose - to revolutionise the way that the world experiences food. NovaTaste serves more than 11,000 customers, including food manufacturers, butchers and food service players, across Europe, North America and Asia.